Gardens of Ninfa, 2018


Gardens of Ninfa

This artwork is inspired by the horticultural Gardens of Ninfa in central Italy. The bustling ancient settlement of Ninfa was abandoned in the 17th Century after it was struck by disease. Over the years, since Ninfa was abandoned and lost in time,plants have taken over growing up and around the ancient ruins transforming them and reclaiming the space. Ninfa is now a beautiful rambling garden that shows the resilience and power of nature and glimmers only the memory of its past human inhabitants.

This artwork is inspired by the story of Ninfa and our impact upon nature.One side of the piece shows Saber Tooth Moss growing abundantly over the surface of what looks like a pebble. When the sculpture is turned over, the reverse shows the inside of a disposable plastic coffee cup lid cast in bronze. This reminds the viewer of the power of nature and that it will inevitably reclaim what we leave behind when we are gone. This artwork, ‘Gardens of Ninfa’, is designed to create a contrast between the beautifully sculpted organic trailing moss on the obverse and the unexpected surprise of the manufactured coffee lid on the reverse. The whole piece is cast in bronze, elevating this dichotomy and transformation, bringing together plant and plastic.

This is an edition of 25 and is currently available for purchase.