Aqua Geode, 2018


Aqua Geode

This artwork is part of a series of sculptures that address the detritus we are leaving behind and the power of nature to transform, adapt and survive through its ingenuity, restoration and the reclamation of its landscape.

‘Aqua Geode’ addresses our alarming plastic waste, which is largely ending up in the oceans. A bottle lid cast in bronze shows a colony of barnacles taking over the inside space (obverse), making it their home and suggesting the lid has been discarded on the sea bed for some time. These barnacles are seen thriving and inhabiting this new space and in doing so they create a geode effect over the inside surface. The reverse shows the exterior of the bottle lid complete with all the original detail,including twist-off arrows and text. The lid and barnacles are cast in bronze and delicately patinated in oceanic/crystallinecolours, highlighting the transformationof this threatening waste into a beautiful ‘geode’ and unifying the two parts.

This is an edition of 25 and is currently available for purchase.